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  • Lock Down School Safety With a Single Click

    By Bobby Swartz On 16 May 2019
    In today’s world, school safety is a top priority for school educators and administrators. You can never have too many safeguards when it comes to protecting your children.
  • Introducing Logitech "Tap" for Zoom Rooms

    By Bobby Swartz On 14 May 2019
    Logitech is launching a device called Logitech Tap, a touch display that strives to take up less space and integrate with collaboration platforms from Zoom, Google, and Microsoft.
  • Boardroom Renaissance – How To Design the Executive Boardroom

    By Bobby Swartz On 09 Apr 2019
    The classic boardroom has taken a bit of a backseat in recent years to the newly popular huddle spaces. We are in the midst of a bona fide “boardroom renaissance”!
  • Case Study: Take Video Conferencing on the Road

    By Bobby Swartz On 14 May 2019
    Zoom is a leading software platform for enterprise video and audio conferencing, online meetings and mobile collaboration. Anthony Lee, an account executive for Zoom, uses Logitech MeetUp and GROUP to host video meetings while on the road.
  • Make it Simple - Find The Right Ceiling Speaker

    By Bobby Swartz On 23 Apr 2019
    Why? This is the bigger brother to the EVIDC4.2 ceiling speakers. What is the big difference? Two times the size woofer. In the real world, this is an excellent sounding speaker that has a focused quality all the way down to 62 Hertz.