Barco Project or Dealer Demo Registration

Barco’s Deal Registration program is designed to protect the project that you have worked on and to reward you for bringing us new opportunities.
Participant Eligibility
Reseller must be in good standing in the Barco Connect! Program
Deal Registration Minimums (at Reseller Cost)
$25,000 for qualifying products
Deal Registration Approval Period
Six (6) months from the time of acceptance
Renewal: three (3) months from the time of renewal acceptance
Refer to your Barco Connect! Reseller Agreement for full terms and conditions.


Take advantage of Barco's new Quantity Tiered Pricing Program


 Quantity Discounts     Tier 1 (5-14 units) Tier 2 (15+ units)
Product  Part Number MSRP 3% Discount 6% Discount
 CS-100 Huddle  R9861510HNA $750 $20* $39*
 CS-100  R9861510NA $1000 $26 $51
 CSE-200  R9861520NA $1750 $39 $78
 CSE-200+  R9861521NA $2250 $54* $108*



* Increased discount rates of 5% and 10% during Q2 2019 for CS-100HUDDLE ($32.50/$65 off) and CSE-200+($90/$180 off). 

Quantity Tier Pricing Terms & Conditions

  • Products must be shipped directly by Distributors to End Users
  • Not for stocking orders by Resellers
  • Stackable with Deal Registration (register projects larger than $25k)
  • Based on quantity on individual purchase order (not size of opportunity)
  • Tier pricing will be introduced to all channels
  • US dealers only; Connect partners only

Barco Project Registration

Please tell us about your project.

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